Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Knee Surgery

Skyler had his big day of knee surgery.
He was more happy to not hurt than scared at this point in time.

 He had just gotten the IV and was none to thrilled with this part of the morning.
After the meds were administered he was so out of it. He made us laugh lots before they wheeled him back.
 Skyler after his  surgery. . He had what they call pedunculated osteochondroma.  A fancy name for an extra bone growth.  The Doctor removed this and it was the size of a walnut,  larger than he had originally expected.

Skyler was so funny in recovery. He was saying crazy things and kept asking if he was signing a coconut song??  Not that we heard, maybe the doctors were during surgery.
 After a week we took off the wraps and he was able to walk so much better. He said that the pressure he had felt in his knee and leg was relieved from surgery and it felt wonderful not to have that cutting into his IT band.

 It has been 3 weeks since the surgery and it is healing nicely. It was swollen and bruised.
But now it is just a scar. Now to just get back to the normal of jogging and running.
I think his wrestling days are over as he will have a hard time getting back to level in time for the season.
Between his knee and his shoulder I think he will be  great at routing on his team mates.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

San Diego: Family Style

San Diego Family Vacation

This was the first time we have all been together at the beach.
The last time was when Kim was a senior. WOW that was a long time ago.

Kim and Tyler with their 4 kids, Walker, Lilly, Ella and Hudson.
Jewel and Joe and Charlee.
We were in a  house right on Sail Bay. It could not have been better so close to the bay and just across from the ocean. The little kids loved the bay because it was calm and quiet, not a ton of people. As for Tom and the rest of the clan we loved the ocean. But the beach anywhere is just fine with us too.

Hanging at the beach just relaxing:  Kim, Jewel, Joe, Skyler, Tom & Hunter

Skyler and Hunter burying Ella in the sand.

Hundson pulling Ella on the board.

So cute Hunter holding Hudson.

Eating dinner at Old Town Mexican Cafe San Diego
This place never disappoints!!

 Lilly and Ella love their Skyler.

Walker taking part at the Mormon Battalion.

Coronado Island
We took a picture here when Hunter was just a few months old.
My how times have changed.
No words.. Tom being Tom..

One of many bike rides.
Skyler was a sport to peg Walker to the fun zone.
Hunter and Skyler.

At  Seaport Village
The 4 of us.  

The whole family. 

Walker testing out the underwater camera.
A nice surprise for me when I downloaded the rest of the photos
from our vacation.

Jewel paddle boarding Joe and Charlee.

Hunter loving her time at the beach, heading out to play in the waves.

The boys took in a baseball game.

Tyler was the king at throwing the ball the hardest.
They played catch so much that Skylers shoulder was so soar and 
over used, his physical therapy guy asked what he was doing on vacation.
OOPS.. not a good idea.. but so fun for the them 

Walker and Lilly

Sweet Ella

I just love the sunsets. How can you not !!

Skyler with Charlee on the paddle board.
Tom and I out riding our bikes.

We closed out our summer with one last vacation to San Diego.
We have done the beach for years and San Diego tons when we had all 4 kids at home.
WOW!!!   Times have changed... 
With Kim and Jewel both married and having little ones of their own and just Skyler and Hunter at home, we all knew it was time for a family reunion at the beach.  

It was a great time with lots of beach, sand and sun.  Who could ask for more???
Us we always want more time at the beach!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Magic Mountain

We took a quick spur of the moment trip to Magic Mountain.
Skyler and Hunter have wanted to go here forever and do the roller coasters.

Tom and Hunter waiting in line for a ride.

Skyler and Tom taking a break after vertigo got the best of Tom again.

Hunter making the most of the long line.

The last ride of the night.
I think we all had a great time. Even Tom with his vertigo.
I have a  love / hate for the rides, once on I love it but the wait and getting hooked in is nerve racking for me.
The kids were laughing at me about freaking out. 
I think we will do this again, just not with Tom, he said he was done with rides and we can go by ourselves next time.  I loved having some fun family time as it's getting harder to have that with the kids getting older and working or having their own things to do.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

"Moonlit Serenade" Prom 2012

  Skyler went to his Junior prom this year

He asked this sweet girl Maddie.
 They looked so good. What a beautiful date he had.

 His group. 
 The guys.  Those beautiful corsages.
They had dinner at our house. No pictures I had put my back out and it was all I could do to remember the food. It turned out so good. The table was set and music and great friends to make the night a success.
It is hard to believe that he will soon be a senior.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

OLD TIMERS is what we call it.

This is what my kids called it when Toms parents had Alzheimer's.
This is not something that a child can understand let alone an adult.
When we took care of Toms parents it was rewarding on so many levels, however so difficult for our children as well as for us. After they both had passed away,  I thought wow I am so grateful that my parents are well and healthy. Little did I know then that my mom would be diagnosed with dementia / Alzheimer's several years later.

This is by far harder on me than taking care of both Toms mom & dad. Maybe because it is my parent and before I could detach myself. The roles have been reversed and it is not easy on me or my kids. Sometime's  I wonder what it is that we must learn or  better yet what I didn't learn the first time around.
I would like to think its what I did learn. I am able to help my dad with the day to day care of her. He does so great with her . I am amazed how well he has learned patience!
I can help him to know whats around the corner or how she will slowly go down hill . Even how her moods will change, no matter what she might throw our way, I have already dealt with it. Somehow this is different though, and I know this because it is my mom.

I would give anything to have some more time with my mom as the woman that I know her to be.  It is so hard to watch the person who raised you and loved you become an unknown as I call it. She looks the same on the outside but the disease is taking over her on the inside.
I am an adult and it is so hard to watch, I often wonder how my children are handling this for the 3rd time around. My only saving grace is that they are older this time and certainly understand better.
So for today I just wish they could find something to make it easier on all that have to deal with this awful disease.

Time is not your friend when it comes to OLD TIMERS...
But OLD TIMERS will not get the best of us this time around.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Hawaii 2012

 Tom and I decided to take the family to Hawaii for spring break. This was what are mornings started out like.
WARNING: picture overload!!
We survived the rain, winds, clouds  and enjoyed everyday.
Because after every rain there is always something beautiful to look at. 
The rainbows were perfect!!  This was paradise!!

Skyler was obsessed with this bird.
We checked out the Buddhist Temple.
This place had spectacular grounds.

We went to the Polynesian Cultural Center. It was beautiful and the luau was great.
The Breath of Life show was amazing. 
Tom and I at the luau at the Polynesian Cultural Center
A sample of our food that night.
Those purple rolls were so good.
Our cute Hunter and her headband.

This guy was great and so funny.

Climbing the coconut trees at the PCC.

Tonga was our favorite one and they didn't disappoint us.

They put on a show at the water of all the islands


We don't get to many family shots.
This was the end of our night at PCC.
Fishing for something.
Hunter trying to do the hula.

The Temple and what a beautiful temple it was!!

Skyler and Hunter with the Samoan. His paintings are on the wall behind them.

Pearl Harbor was one of the places that Skyler was adamant that we see. He is such a history buff that we could not miss this place. In fact due ti weather we could not go out to the memorial the first day we went. So like any good family we went back. It was such a humbling place. It really got to us when we read how the men of the Oklahoma banged on the inside of the ship for 2 days to be let out.
The rain didn't stop us from taking in the sights. 

Skyler in his element.

Skyler in deep though about the memorial.
Taking it all in and making this a memory he will never forget.

As we left this memorial we had lots of thoughts. I think we left with mixed emotions.
I felt like we were intruding on their final resting place. With that said it truly is a solemn place to visit.

We did this sub scooter thing from Island watersports. It was so cool and fun.
Hunter and I on our way out to the ocean.
Skyler was first and did he love this.

We were about half way to the ocean floor which was about 30 feet.
We were able to see turtles and lots of fish. The scooter would go about 5 mph.
Under water it felt like 1mph. I would forget to look up and sometimes we would miss the turtles.
The turtles were huge.

Hunter had a blast. They put this sea urchin in our hands

I was trying to take pictures but it was hard. They took pictures and videos for us.
They got some amazing shots.
Our christmas photo!!

This picture is crazy!!

Crazy how big the turtles were.

This was Punchbowl.
Another history sight that we took in.
We hiked up Moana Falls. It had stopped raining and we knew the falls would be flowing with all the rain that had been dropped on them.

This was a great hike. And the scenery was beautiful

We all made it to the top.
And it did not disappoint in any way.

Skyler was brave enough to get in. He said it was super cold.

We spent several half days at various beaches. It was perfect weather when the sun finally came out.
The water was so warm. My kind of ocean.
Hunter standing in front of Duke.

Brint and Hunter paddling out.
This was her first time surfing.

Skyler got up on his first try.

Yes, I even tried to surf. Hunter made it to her knees. Brint was so good with her and patient as he tried to help he surf. Brea stayed out with us the whole time and was able to get us these great pictures.

On Sunday we went to hear Brint talk and then went to a swap meet for some goodies.

Shopping like the girls we are.

I can't believe I went here. In case you didn't know I am allergic to pineapple. It's ok I don't like it any way. This place was a favorite with everyone else for their ice cream. It was so good Tom wanted seconds.
We made it to the Temple twice since it was raining and night time the last time.

Yes, family I love you!!!
Families are forever.

Skyler  eating his favorite ribs.
We went to Papa Ole's twice their food was the best. The ribs were the best thing we had ever had. We never went hungry as Brint and Brea made sure we hit all the great food places. We had authentic ramen noodles and teriyaki chicken.We also eat this ice cream. It is called mochi ice cream and  comes in all kinds of flavors. It  has a coating on it. It was so flavorful and good.

Our last day was spent on Waikiki. This is where we surfed and the weather was just spectacular.
We walked the beach and a family had made this sand sculpture.
We decided to take a catamaran boat ride out. This was a great way to end our vacation.

Skyler and Hunter hanging out on the front of the boat.

I loved how blue the water was.

Our final night in Waikiki Hawaii. The sunsets were just spectacular.
We spent the best 10 days ever in Oahu, Hawaii.
As a family we were able to see some very special places and make some very special memories.
We stayed with Brea and Brint and what great hosts they were. The made sure we got the most out of our days. They would send us to the other side of the island just to hit the beach. We drove the whole island in several days and saw some of the most beautiful scenery their was.
With their help we were able to see all the touristy things and take in the local flare. The food was always superb. It was just such an awesome trip and the weather never got in our way of having fun.
We saw so many things and places that there is just to many to name. I am grateful to Brint for being so patient with Hunter and showing her how to surf. She was so excited to just get up on her knees. I am sure she will always remember butter buns.
This was one trip that we all were able to choose something to see or do and we all got to do that.
Skyler was happy to see the history sights.
Tom was just happy to be on vacation and relax. Something he never does.
I was thrilled to be in the tropical weather as were all of us.
Thanks again you two for a great time.
Memories were made, friendships were built and a love of Hawaii was developed.